NEWSFLASH: You don't need $500+ software like Photoshop to create awesome ecovers and minisite graphics.

7 Year Graphics Design Professional Gives
YOU His Entire Graphics Design Toolkit...

And Reveals The Dirt Cheap Software
That Makes It All Possible

create 3d covers

An project.

From Nicolaas D. Theron
Lead Designer:

Dear Visitor,

Congratulations! Creating great web graphics is finally within your reach - and within your budget.

I'm Nicolaas Theron, and I've been designing web graphics professionally for the past 5 years. Today I'm going to spill all my secrets, give you all the tools I use and show you every trick and technique I've acquired over the years to successfully run a high paying web graphics design service.

Whether you just want to create graphics for your own use, or whether you want to actually start your own design service, you're at the right place and you've found your solution.

Discover the Dirt Cheap Graphics Software I've Been Using for the Past 5 Years To Create Graphics For Internet Professionals With My Design Service at

After all the stuff you've heard about Photoshop, how you can't do without it if you want to create graphics, yadda yadda yadda, you'd be forgiven for thinking that only Photoshop would be able to create the quality of graphics you can see on this website.

You'd be wrong.

Not a single graphic you see here
was created with Photoshop

Everything you see was created with a $55 piece of graphics software called RealDraw Pro. Here's why I use this software, and why it's perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own web graphics:

  • It costs 1/10th of what Photoshop costs

Even if you're on a tight budget, you can now afford to create your own amazing web graphics.

  • It is much, much easier to use and learn

What bogs most people down with Photoshop is the steep learning curve and the absolutely overwhelming amount of tools and features it has. RealDraw Pro is easy to learn, with a ton of easy to adjust one-click effect buttons that help you complete seemingly difficult tasks in no time at all. And as you can see from the graphics on this site, the quality you can achieve is second to none.

  • It is perfect for web graphics

Photoshop is first and foremost an application for professional photo editing and manipulation. RealDraw was made purely for bitmap editing, text and drawing. You don't have to wade through a ton of confusing menu options and redundant features you'll never use to get to the stuff you need.

  • Intuitive, drag and drop interface

Click on anything, at any time, to move it around or change its attributes, often with a single click or a quick move of a slider.

It's worth saying again: I have been using RealDraw Pro for 5 years now to create web graphics for internet professionals with my design service at In short...this software can do the job, and do it well.


"Your Videos Absolutely Rock!"


I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your RDP videos absolutely rock! I have been a long time user of RDP, in fact going all the way back to Compact Draw - rest its soul =(.

Even using it for as long as I have, I still learned a lot from your tutorials. What you have done is fantastic and people who don't know about RDP should watch you training. It is top notch even for a veteran like me.

Mark Willigerod

"Already Created My First Minisite"


Already created my first minisite :-) Thank you for your clear, good and plain explanation. It's really a pleasure to watch the videos. Good Job.


Henk, Netherlands
(Full details withheld on request of customer)

henk's minisite





To help you master this software in the shortest time frame possible, you get...

Complete, Practical, In-Depth Video Training
For Lightning Fast Learning

In so many cover template or other do-it-yourself graphics packages on the Internet today, training is an afterthought. A quick video to show you how to slap some stuff onto a cover template, and off you go. No wonder there are so many hideous cover and header graphics littering the Internet.

In DIY Web Graphics Pro, video training is the main component of the product. Four complete video sets provide you with all the training you need to create great graphics.

Get familiar with the software and its key functions - short, punchy videos that are easy to work through.
Various advanced techniques like text enhancement, drawing and smart combinations.
How to edit the cover graphic templates, create your own templates, and how to accomplish various other related tasks.
We create no less than THREE completely different matching header and cover sets.

Here are visuals to help you picture some of what you'll be learning:

image masking
  How to remove the plain color backgrounds from stock images. How to remove busy, complicated backgrounds from stock images and keep only the part you want:  




simple image masking complex image masking  

practical exercises
How to combine a simple set of basic techniques to create a complete header graphic.

Create header graphic


text and image techniques
How to create great looking text using various simple techniques.

cool graphical text

How to apply all sorts of effects to images

image effects

How to quickly change the color of an image to better fit into your design

image color adjust

sales page graphics
How to create spectacular shiny buttons for any purpose

create sales page graphics

How to draw objects and turn them into bright, eye-catching web graphics

draw sales page graphics

How to use smart object combinations to create logos - even if you can't draw.

smart combinations

How to edit the gorgeous cover graphic templates I provide for you - so easy!

edit 3d covers

How to create a showcase graphic with different cover types

showcase graphic

How to duplicate a design between different cover types in just a few minutes

duplicate design

How to add fully adjustable mirror reflections to covers

mirror reflection

Create your own cover templates -
and my simple secret for getting
realistic perspective every time.

create 3d cover template


Practical Application - We Create 3 Matching Cover/Header Sets From Scratch!

Follow me step-by-step as we create the matching graphic sets below in 6 revealing videos
(including a pre-launch version of the graphics on this website!).

step-by-step complete cover and header sets

How To Turn Any Square Header And Footer
Into A Cool Rounded Minisite

You can do this with new graphics you create, or with graphics you already own!

create rounded minisite


Talking About 3D Covers...
Check Out These Fantastic Cover Templates*!

* Templates are blank - designs below are just to demonstrate what they look like with actual designs on them.

All the templates below were custom made by me. They're only available to members of Create Your Own Minisite Graphics (aka DIY Web Graphics Pro). You get two versions of each cover type - a normal resolution version for smaller monitors and slower systems, and a higher resolution version for even better results.

See how easy these covers are to edit - no actions to run, immediate previews, easy flat image editing, automatic perspective! Watch the video below (opens in a new window):

click to view video

Click here to see an example of a standard resolution and higher resolution cover at full size. While these aren't 300dpi, they're more than big enough for web use, and you can see that the quality is impeccable.

2 Sided Software Box
Low Angle 2 Sided Software Box
3 Sided Box



3 Sided Software Box
Binded Report
Standard Book
Membership Card
CD Jewel Case
DVD Case
Flat Book
Flat Report
High Angle Book
Ring Binder
Thin Book
Wide Box
More to be added
More to be added

As if providing all these templates aren't enough...

Here's how I'm going to make it virtually impossible for you to design poor helping you understand the one principle that almost no one selling 3D cover software or action scripts is teaching you.

This principle is simple - text layout. With a strong text layout, you can turn even a plain white sheet into an eye catching design. With a poor text layout, you'll cripple any graphic, no matter how good your colors and imagery are.

Here's a simple test: on the left is the standard type of lazy and weak text layout you see on the Internet almost daily on so many ecovers. Can you turn this bland design into something professional and eye-catching by using the same six words and changing nothing other than the fonts, size and layout of the text?

text layout

I provide you with an exact example in the DIY Web Graphics Pro basics training manual - along with other similar practical examples. The difference this relatively simple change in text layout makes to the graphic above will amaze you - and may just be the missing link that transforms you into a capable graphics designer if you've failed before.

Copy And Paste Your Way To Great Graphics With Pre-Made Text Layouts

Remember how I told you I'm going to make it impossible for you to create poor looking graphics?

In DIY Web Graphics Pro you will find 10 powerful pre-made text layouts that you can adapt to virtually any text you want on your graphics. Watch the video below to see how I create a great looking header graphic in just over 4 minutes by using one of these pre-made layouts (link opens in a new window).

graphics design video

You also get 5 cover layouts like the one below, ready to copy and paste and adapt to your own text.

ebook cover template

Create An Immediate Impact With Hardly Any Work With These Clean and Professional Header Templates

With this header template set it is truly impossible for you not to have a good looking website. Infinitely customizable, you can adapt these header graphics for any theme or niche by simply replacing the generic stock image of the woman with images that relate to your theme. Each set comes in 5 different colors.

header templates

And finally...

...Introducing One Click Super Text!

With these amazing shortcut buttons you can now create complex text effects with a single click. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

view super text video

All the text transformations shown below were created with a single click of the mouse, as shown in the video!

one click super text

As you can see from the ripped effect, I used one click super text on the graphics for this website. It works for real websites, and it looks awesome! These text effects cannot be found anywhere else - I created them exclusively from scratch for the Create Your Own Minisite Graphics product. These are just a few of the effects you'll have access to, and each of them is available in multiple colors.

Best of all, I include a video to show you how you can customize these effects to better suit your own needs.

No One Goes This Far To Help You Succeed

To make absolutely sure you have the best possible chance of creating your own professional web graphics, I'm going to give you free access to my time for a full 30 days after purchase.

Here's what this means:

Personal Critiques of the Graphics You Create

Should you need advice on any graphics you create, just contact me and show your graphics to me. I'll give you personal advice on how to improve your graphics to aid your learning. You can ask for critiques as many times as you want during the first 30 days after purchase.

All it takes from you is the guts to show me the graphics you've created!



If you find any of the current videos inadequate in any way, simply ask me to record another video for you in which I'll pay special attention to the areas you have a problem with.

You can request unlimited extra videos at any time during your lifetime membership, as long as they all relate to graphics design with RealDraw Pro. All requested videos will be posted in the membership area so that everyone can benefit from them.


Unlimited Free Updates For Life

Whenever there are improvements made to any of the product contents, you'll have access to it for free. This applies to updates and improvements on the current videos and new additions or improvements to the cover templates and text layouts.

As already mentioned, you'll also have lifetime access to all additional videos recorded for other members.

You're Minutes Away From Having A Complete Graphics Design Toolkit

Here's a summary of everything you'll be getting:


Over 5 Hours Of Downloadable Video Training

Packed with demonstrations of the techniques I use every day to run a successful minisite graphics design business, this is the kind of in-depth training you need to succeed. Best of all, you can download these videos to your hard drive and view them at your own leisure, whenever you want to.

16 Professionally Designed 3D Cover Graphic Templates

Simple to edit and export for web use, in two easy to use resolutions, these templates will help you make short work of creating great product covers.

10 Pre-made Professional Text Layouts,
Plus 5 Additional Cover Layouts

Armed with these exclusive beauties, along with the simple techniques you'll learn in the videos, you'll find it almost impossible to create a bad looking graphic.

5 Sets of Professional Header Graphic Templates

Load any of these up and just plug in your own stock images to customize them to your unique theme and niche, or play around with the layout and color schemes if you choose. In just minutes you'll have a great looking header graphic with hardly any effort.

One Click Super Text

The absolute fastest way to create great looking text effects. Click a button, and watch your text transformed into something truly stunning.

30 Days of Free Consultation, Including Video-On-Demand

For 30 days you have a professional graphics designer standing by to review your projects and give you tips on improving your designs. Also, you can request additional video training on any of the product materials at no extra charge at any time during your membership!

Want Bonuses? I Add New Stuff To The Package Periodically - For Free!

That's right! Pretty every other month I add something new to the package - since this product launched, I've made the following additions:

  • Video: How to find really good stock photos with smart searching
  • Video: How to create a guarantee seal

how to create a guarantee seal

  • (On request of a member!)
    Template Package: 5 Full eCover Designs

ecover templates

  • (On request of a member!)
    Video: How to create tiling web page backgrounds

video background

  • Video: How to create ripped text

video ripped text

  • Header template package and One Click Super Text! You already know all about these from the sales letter above.
  • 7 ready-to-use, but also completely editable order button templates with Clickbank and Paypal credit card logos.

order button templates


Wow...that's almost enough material for a whole new product. As you can see, the package keeps growing, and it doesn't cost you a cent extra once you join for a low one time fee.

Today For A One Time $27

create 3d covers

There it is. All of this will cost you only $27.


The $27 is for everything I give you - the videos, the templates, the lifetime free additions and updates. What I cannot give you for free is the software.

You need to purchase RealDraw Pro separately for just $55, just like you'd have to purchase Photoshop separately if you bought tutorials for that.

However, you can download and use RealDraw FREE for 30 days, so there's still no risk in it for you. If after 30 days you decide you don't like it (I doubt it!), simply don't purchase it.

You already know that having a single 3D ecover designed for you will set you back anything from $47 to $197 (yes, there are designers that charge $197 for a single ebook cover). You can now get your hands on all the tools you need to create your own professional minisite graphics for a small one time investment.


It's Time To Order!


"Been Struggling With Adobe For Years"

Hi Nic,

LOVE this program goodness I have been struggling with ADOBE for years... and looking for something else that is faster and easier to use!! THANK you so much!!

Joanne Smith


Hi Nicolaas,

I purchased your DIY Web Graphics membership and it is awesome! Your videos make it so easy to learn. I have absolutely no computer experience and I was able to create my own website header. Thank you, Thank you! I cannot wait to see what other products you come out with.

Dina Jordan





100% guaranteed


Before you order - IMPORTANT:


This product is not for people who are still finding their way around a computer. You need to be fully computer literate and be able to accomplish basic tasks like downloading and installing files, unzipping files, copying and pasting, organizing files into folders and browsing for files without help.


The total download size for all modules of the product is around 350MB, broken into chunks of about 60-100MB each. A broadband or DSL connection is highly recommended.


The videos are in standard Windows Media (WMV) format, therefore everything will run fine on Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, Vista & 7. You can download the videos to your hard drive, you don't need to go through the annoyance of streaming them on the web.


Minimum recommended system specs for proper operation -
Pentium IV/AMD 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, 17" monitor.

attention This is a training resource with template aids, so you will need to spend some time watching the training videos and practicing the new stuff you learn.


"Stellar Product!"

Hi Nic,

First of all I would like to thank you for delivering a stellar product!!! Your videos are fabulous and super clear. The on-line manual is of the exact same quality - easy to see that a ton of work was put into this product.

The software you recommended - Real Draw Pro - is incredible and your videos make it so clear to understand it. I thought that I was chained to Photoshop to be able to do ebook covers and now you've shown me the light.

By the way and I'm sure you already know this - your videos are the best out there and I have tried over 20 header/ebook cover programs - none of which could deliver the kind of results that Photoshop could. But like everybody else, you need half a lifetime and even more patience to fiddle around with Photoshop to understand it, on top of having to pay out big bucks for it. Your package and software recommendation is incredible!!

Jeff Warhus




Remember, you have absolutely no risk. I look forward to helping you create awesome graphics!

Warm regards,

Nicolaas Theron
Creator: DIY Web Graphics Pro